Host A Course

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Jumpboard Dynamics Comprehensive Course (12 hours):

This course is taught over 2 days, 6 hours per day, with an additional 30-60 minute break. Host-instructor agreements are arranged per each course and will include a minimum instructor fee which covers instruction, travel and lodging and if applicable, a host incentive agreement which enables hosts to financially benefit from hosting the course.


• Participants will register for the course through Jumpboard Dynamics.


• Course registrants must hold current certificates in Pilates, or have a physical therapy license.


• All instructor trainings are scheduled a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks in advance to have enough time to promote the course.


• We can provide marketing materials, and marketing for the course, but request hosts to fulfill basic marketing duties.


• A minimum of 6-10 registered people are required for a course to proceed, based on location.


• Host studio must be equipped with a minimum of 1 reformer and jumpboard per 3 students.


• JumpBoard Dynamics Teacher Trainings qualify for ACE, and PMA CEC’s



Jumpboard Dynamics Workshops (3-6 hours):

 If running a 12 hour comprehensive course is not feasible, hosts may choose a workshop format instead. Workshops may include portions of the total course, or address specific topics of interest:


• Foundations of Jumping on Jumpboard


• Training for Power on Jumpboard


• Advanced Coordination and Repertoire for Jumpboard


• Injury Prevention and Recovery with Jumpboard