Jumpboard Dynamics Teacher Training

Jumpboard Dynamics Comprehensive Training: Technique, Repertoire and Programming for the Jumpboard


Cindy Reid has developed this 12 hour course to cover information related to jumpboard use that she believes is lacking in most Pilates teachers education.  In designing this course, Cindy has pulled from her background in dance and athletics,  from current research on lower chain and core function, and from the input of physical therapists and kinesiologists. 


The course has three primary aims.


Foremost, it aims to  improve instructor's understanding of jumping technique on the jumpboard including common overuse and optimal muscle recruitment patterns. Second, the course aims to teach a more precise vocuabulary for teaching and communicating jumpboard movement. And, finally, Cindy teaches students an abundance of new exercises to expand the functional exercise selection on the jumpboard. 


Participants will learn the associated benefits and problem-solving skills involved in teaching Jumpboard classes.


Discussion includes lower chain alignment issues, jumping technique and biomechanics, setting appropriate objectives, pacing, choreography and repertoire variations for special populations/needs. Students will learn jumping sequences for improving mechanics and strength, building endurance and core control, improving speed, power, and proprioception, and expanding cardiovascular capacity.


Cindy has broken up the twelve hour curriculum into two six-hour courses, taught separately over four days. Registration for Teacher Training Part II, taught over two Fridays in June & July, is now open. Completion of Jumpboard Dynamics I: Foundations is a pre-requisite.


CECs: You will receive 12 PMA CECs and a JumpBoard Dynamics Certificate upon successful completion of full twelve hour course.


Scheduled Courses

Jumpboard Dynamics II: Beyond Technique


Dates: June 9, 2017

     July 7, 2017

Time: 2:00-5:00 PM

Price: $190

Register before May 9th and receive $20 off!

Pre-Req: Jumpboard Dynamics I: Foundations

Location: Flow Studio

   2248 N Clark St

   Chicago, IL 60614


Registration: Click Here
Instructor: Cindy Reid