What Our Students are Saying About Us

The Comprehensive Course


"As an instructor, jump board is equally as much fun to teach and provides another tool for my clients. Going through Cindy's Jumpboard Dynamics Training Course prepared me to safely teach students how to jump and challenge every muscle in the body while using the Pilates method. I learned a unique vocabulary that provides an efficient way to communicate with clients resulting in effective and safe progressions. Lastly, I had the opportunity to assist this exact workshop during Pilates on Tour last year and it was enlightening how appreciative the instructors were to learn an organized approach to teach the "skill" of Jumping!"

Leah O.



"BASI's Jumpboard Workshop was amazing! We started with proper hip-knee-ankle alignment , went into different jumping techniques and proper biomechanics and concluded with choreographed classes. We learned how clients who have the basic Pilates foundations can incorporate Jumpboard, building strength & power and expanding their cardiovascular capacity.

We were thrilled to have BASI Faculty Cindy Reid travel all the way from Chicago! She is AMAZING..Brilliant...Fabulous! Her teaching, knowledge, and expertise were superb. I wish the workshop had been two days !Thank you, thank you Cindy! We would welcome another fun-filled day of Jumpboard!"

Susan @Evolve Rehabilitation & Pilates



3 Hour Workshops


"Great information for assessment, execution and variety. Awesome course!"

Pilates Teacher in Training



"Cindy is fabulous at articulating jumping concepts and demonstrating them." 

Pilates instructor for 1 year



"Delightful, well presented, and loads of application for rehabillitation."

Polestar Instructor, 11 years teaching



"Excellent teacher and presenter. Loved the handouts!"

PHI Pilates, 12 years teaching



"Fantastic instruction. The course was very stimulating, great material."

Ace and Polestar, 11 years teaching



"Loved this class. Great handout with a ton of notes and info. Very helpful, useful information and a great presentation!"

Pilates Teacher in Training



What Our Students are Saying About the Class:


"I look forward immensely to Cindy's jumpboard classes because they're a wonderfully innovative and rigorous work-out.  She combines intensive cardio intervals with strength training and foot work, all in creative sequences that stretch your brain as well as your endurance.  I really enjoy the variety of exercises that Cindy has dreamed up for jumpboard, and am hooked on the class!"

Deborah C.



"Jumpboard is the most energizing, high intensity, efficient, cardio fitness and strength training that I have ever done.  If you want to challenge your core strength, get a good cardio workout and have a FUN time, Jumpboard is the way to go!  It is the best!"

Patty M.



"As a practitioner, jump board is the most exhilarating workout during my week. It is hand down the most fun way to spend an hour increasing cardiovascular endurance, strength gains, coordination, and proprioception. Not to mention, the foot and arch work that has helped me to finally run again pain free!"

Leah O.