What is Jumpboard?

"Jumpboard" refers to a padded board designed to hook onto the foot-bar end of the Pilates reformer. 

The Jumpboard is not a Joseph Pilates original design. Based on interviews of second generation Pilates Masters, and Ken Endlemen, Founder of Balanced Body, most believe that Eve Gentry was responsible for designing the concept of the Jumpboard. Gentry was in close contact at the time with St. Francis Hospital in CA, where the first Pilates based rehabilitation program in a medical setting was launched, and some believe there may have been corroboration between Eve and St. Francis which resulted in the request for a jumpboard design.


Historically, the jumpboard has been introduced in Pilates Teacher Training programs, but with minimal focus on the versatile application of the design. Pilates teachers have often utilized the board to provide an energizing, cardio boost in sessions to the delight of many students. Yet the potential of the jumpboard goes largely untapped without additional instructor education in the realms of lower chain alignment and rehabilitation, jumping bio-mechanics, and power training.


Cindy Reid started developing her JumpBoard Dynamics program after working with a PT to rehabilitate her own tendinitis on it.

Her exploration lead to a vast, new repertoire of exercises and progressions on the board. With Pilates group classes on the rise, Cindy saw the need for improving instructor effectiveness teaching jumpboard, and the opportunity to introduce a much larger repertoire and vocabulary for teaching jumpboard.


Since delving into the world of JumpBoard, Cindy has attracted many devoted students who share her love and enthusiasm for jumpboard class and its many associated benefits. Through teaching JumpBoard Dynamics courses and workshops, she has also developed a large following of Pilates instructors whose feedback supports the need for such a thorough and detailed training.